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At Hola Cabrito we are proud of our Mexican Heritage and we honor our ancestors by cooking with their recipes. We believe artisanal Mexican food should be accessible to those looking for traditional flavor. No cheddar cheese here!

Our specialty is Birria (Guanajuato style). Birria is a stew made primarily of goat, typically found in the heart of Mexico. It is a dish cooked for special occasions, like weddings and quinceañeras, due to the high labor involved. We start by using our secret family adobo rub recipe to marinate the goat meat. Then it is slow cooked for up to 8 hours! Once cooked to perfection, we separate the tender meat from the broth. We serve the customer their choice of goat meat as a stew or aside from the broth. Either way it's delicious! Our broth is served with the optional garbanzo beans (chickpeas). Garnish your dish with white onion and cilantro to your liking, enjoy with our handmade corn tortillas. To ensure freshness we cook our food fresh daily! This is truly a labor of love for us!

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